How To Setup Roku Streaming Player And Activate Roku?

Become an expert in managing your streaming system. If you already have one of these gadgets, the next thing you should do is configure Roku so that you take full advantage of it. And that simple box can make your hours much more fun.
Although it may seem small and even helpless, it has several options to make your experience a very pleasant one. Also, they are now marketing their own wireless speakers.

11 Steps to setup Roku

The ones you need to improve your experience

Use the mobile app Roku has its free app available for iOS , Android and Windows . It will make your life easier, you will have all the buttons on the control and even an accessible keyboard. Find more Roku channels There are many channels, but not all are listed. To find more, you can go to the Roku Private Channels website. Click on the one that interests you, click on “Add Channel” and log in with your account to add it. Stream content from your computer, tablet or phone Yes, it is possible to do this; but you must do it with a paid application. One of the most popular is Plex , which has a monthly, annual and lifetime subscription. Since you downloaded it, in the Roku app you should go to Preferences> Connect Plex account and follow the instructions to verify the PIN code and connect the app. Regulates the quality of the reproduction Although it is not possible to do it directly in Roku, it is possible with the apps you use most frequently. For example, with Netflix. This by going to the Netflix site> followed by Account> and then to Play settings. Put subtitles

In order that you always understand what they say, you can activate this tool by going to Settings> Subtitles> Activated.

Change the wallpaper

A clock, a landscape or the simple Roku logo; it’s up to you. In the Roku, menu select Settings> Screensavers so you can decide which one is best for you. Take into account that there are some that have a cost. Play on your Roku Yes, there are games on the Roku. It won’t be the next-gen consoles, but there are plenty of nostalgic like Pac-Man and Snake, who move with the controller. To see which ones are available, in the main menu go to Transmission Channels> Games and consider the options. Reorder channels This can be done in the main menu by pressing “options” in the upper right, or an asterisk (*) in your control and then “move channel”. With this, you can put, for example, the channels you use the most at the top to avoid scrolling to the bottom. Hide your Roku

In order to save space, in online stores, there are several gadgets that help you place the Roku on your TV. For example, the ReliaMount that you find on Amazon.

Specific search

In the main menu press on the magnifying glass. You can search by title, actor, director or whatever you want as it gets results from 100 channels whether you have them or not. In addition, it also gives you the prices of each one if they are not free. An easier way to watch YouTube If you find it difficult to search YouTube content from your Roku, you can still do it from your cell phone. First go to YouTube at Roku> Settings> Pair Device; you will find a series of numbers. Now on your cell phone go to and enter the code. From now on, when you enter YouTube on your phone, you can send the video to your Roku by selecting the icon on the screen with a signal as long as they are on the same WiFi network.
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